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Dental Emergencies
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Steps we are taking to protect you

Dear Patient,

During these past difficult months, we have reminded our daughters,
it's the challenging times that teach us character and faith, and make us stronger and wiser.

We are ready to welcome you back to our practice!

Your health and safety have always been our priority, and that is why we immediately immersed ourselves in learning about the novel coronavirus and implementing many additional precautions in our office to protect ourselves, our team, and our patients.

These measures allowed us to treat numerous emergency patients throughout the crisis, and their appreciation for care delivered in an office such as ours was so touching.

As Governor Cuomo’s May 28th date to resume full dental care is here, we’d like to remind you of the safety measures in place:

Our Building's Infection Control

The building has maintained disinfection protocols in all public areas, including doorknobs, elevators, and button panels. Masks must be worn when entering the building. Elevators can only be shared with family or an accompanying attendant; otherwise, it is one person per elevator. There are signs visibly posted to advise all of these guidelines.

Private Parking Available Below Our Building

Our building has an Icon Parking garage underneath, and discount rates are available online with coupons or reservations.

Maintaining Your Dental Health Is Integral To Your Wellbeing

We are glad these measures have made emergency patients feel protected and confident to receive care during the crisis. We know as we resume routine dentistry, you will feel the same.

As always, we are committed to your overall wellbeing.


Dr. LuAnne Curatola & Dr. Joseph Zagami